Monday, April 4, 2016

Changi Airport - in Pictures !

Changi is  a favourite place of mine to hang out. It amazes me every time I’m there, with new things to see and explore. Besides all the common amenities, the World-class retail, remarkable selection of restaurants ranging from Harry's Bar  to Hard Rock Cafe,  enormous indoor gardens of exotic plants and  top notch entertainment facilities available there makes me feel like  "it's  a mini town that never sleeps".  

Changi goes beyond providing just glitter. There the Customs and immigration works flawlessly they also take customer service very seriously.  I salute to all those who make Changi Airport work and run smoothly for the past 30-odd years since 1981.

Here are some pictures captured during my recent visit.

2018 Chinese New year Season

2016  Christmas season decoration

2016 - Mid year school holidays special @ Terminal 2 Public Access Area. 


Hundreds of Sunflowers gently smiling at  sun  in Sunflower Garden 
on the roof of the   Terminal 2  transit area :

   Flower arrangement by a Japanese florist at public access area. 

   Orchid Garden & Koi Pond  in transit area

    Runway and airplanes parking bay view from  Sun flower garden.

Tulips from Dutch at Public access area Terminal 2

Few old pictures


Kinetic rain at Public access area Terminal 1